Nathan AirChime P3 Train Horn (Authentic)

Nathan AirChime P3 Train Horn (Authentic)Nathan AirChime P3 Train Horn (Authentic)Nathan AirChime P3 Train Horn (Authentic)Nathan AirChime P3 Train Horn (Authentic)Nathan AirChime P3 Train Horn (Authentic)
Nathan AirChime P3 Train Horn (Authentic)
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The Nathan AirChime P3 Railway Horn Delivers Stunning Sand Cast Railway Sound

The Nathan AirChime P3 horn is constructed of a sand cast aluminum manifold and sand cast bells providing a stunning mellow tone that only sand cast horns can provide! This genuine locomotive horn features stainless steel diaphragms to prevent rust. These are the only sand cast horns we sell and provide an unparalleled railway train horn sound.

Practically Maintenance Free!

The construction of these horns includes rubber gaskets to help prevent wear and tear on the diaphragm through use. These horns will provide years and years of service with the least servicing of any railway horns. The bells are of a one-piece construction and pre-tuned to provide for simple and quick servicing whenever it is finally necessary.

Custom Configurable Manifold

The P-Series horns feature reversible bells to allow for multi-directional signaling and more convenience during installation.

Hear These Horns Right Now!

Product Features:
  • Heavy Duty Sand Cast Aluminum Construction
  • Exclusive P-Series Mellow Tone Locomotive Accoustics
  • Large One Half Inch Air Inlet For Excellent Air Flow
  • Reversible Bells For Custom Configurations
Product Specifications:
  • Part Number: AH-P3
  • Length: 31.25"
  • Width: 15.5"
  • Height: 12.75"
  • Weight: 20.25lbs
  • Port: 1/2" NPT