UNiQ Cycle Sounds (AV-iPD) iPod/iPhone Charging Interface Cable
UNiQ Cycle Sounds (AV-iPD) iPod/iPhone Charging Interface Cable
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This 12v iPod cable is designed to connect to your iPod through the proprietary iPod adapter and offers charging while still allowing playback through the headphone jack. iPod control remains available through the iPod.

Works with: 3G iPod (10, 15, 20, 30 & 40GB) 4G iPod (20 & 40GB) 4G iPod Color & Photo (20, 30, 40, & 60GB) 5G iPod Video (30, 60, & 80GB) iPod Classic (120GB) iPod Classic (80 &160GB) iPod Mini (4 & 6GB) iPod Nano 1st Generation (1, 2, & 4GB) iPod Nano 2nd Generation (4 & 8GB) iPod Nano 3rd Generation (4 & 8GB) iPod Nano 4th Generation (8 & 16GB) 3G and 3G/S iPhone PLEASE NOTE: All our systems allow playback of iPods, MP3 players, Satellite and more, right out of the box. This cable is only needed if you also want to charge your iPod/iPhone battery from your motorcycle.

1-year Manufacturer's warranty