Audio 2000 (AWP6403) Pull-N-Go All-In-One PA System
Audio 2000 (AWP6403) Pull-N-Go All-In-One PA System
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The Audio2000'S AWP6403 Pull-N-Go All-In-One PA system contains a complete PA system with built-in dual-channel VHF wireless microphone system, a built-in cassette tape player/recorder, and a rugged retractable dolly. The built-in dual-channel wireless microphone system can have the options of two handheld microphone transmitters, two lavalier microphone transmitters or combination of one handheld microphone and one lavalier microphone transmitters. The built-in cassette tape player/recorder provides the user the convenience of recording the conference proceedings or filling the air with background music. The rugged retractable dolly is built into the PA system for portability and mobility of the AWP6403.

The complete PA system comprises a built-in 100W amplifier, a speaker system, four wired microphone inputs, an AUX input, a line-out output, an external speaker output, tone controls, volume controls and echo controls. The AUX input and the line-out output are provided to have the AWP6403 be able to be used with any other external PA or audio system. The echo control enhances the sound results in the conference proceedings with the echo sound effects. The combination of the built-in amplifier and the speaker of the AWP6403 provides fifty (100) watt RMS output to achieve effective PA applications.

Overall, the AWP6403 is designed and manufactured to be a versatile, user-friendly, convenient and reliable PA system.
Product Features:
    PA System and Wireless Receiver:
    • VHF Band Frequency (170 – 250 MHz)
    • Built-in Two Channel Wireless Microphone System
    • Built-in rugged retractable dolly
    • Three Unbalanced Microphone Inputs and One Balanced Microphone Input
    • One Aux Input, One Line Out, One Tape Record Out
    • Microphone Volume Controls, Tone Control, Echo Control, Tape Volume Control, Aux
    • Volume Control
    • External Speaker Output Jacks
    • Built-in Cassette Tape Player/Recorder
    • Tone Code Security Circuitry for Reducing interference
    Wireless Transmitter:
    • VHF Band Frequency (170-250 MHz)
    • Antenna with Built-in Noise Terminator Circuit
    • High Sensitivity Cardioid Capsule
    • Noise Reduction Mechanism for Eliminating Handling Noise and Switch Shock Noise
    • Low Battery LED Indicator
Conference Room, Public Speech, School Teacher, Church, Hotel, Lecture, Aerobics Instructor, Sport Coach, Auction, and Other Group Events

Wireless Transmitter:

Carrier Frequency Range VHF Band (170 – 250MHz)
RF Power Output 30mW (Max.)
Frequency Stability +/- 0.005%
Spurious Emission More Than 45dB below Carrier Frequency
Maximum Deviation +/- 15KHz
AF Response 50 – 18,000Hz (+/- 3dB)
Microphone Capsule Dynamic for Handheld Mic. Electret Condenser for Lavalier Mic.
Operating Voltage DC 9V
Current Consumption Approx. 20mA
LED Indicator Power On/Off and Low Battery

PA System and Wireless Receiver:

Carrier Frequency Range VHF Band (170 – 250MHz)
Frequency Stability +/- 0.005%, with Crystal & Temperature Stabilizer
S/N Ratio > 100dB
Dynamic Range > 100dB
Receiving Sensitivity 10dB / uV @ 60dB S/N Ratio
Image and Spurious Rejection 80dB Minimum
Service Area > 150ft
AF Response 50 – 18,000Hz (+/- 3dB)
T.H.D. < 0.5% @ 1KHz
Max. Modulation +/- 15KHz
Audio Outputs Balanced:  -20dB (0dB = 0.775V)
Unbalanced:  0-0.5V
Dimensions (W X H X D) 318 X 470 X 248mm (12.5" X 18.5" X 9.75")
Weight 12.3 Kg (27.0 lb)
Power Supply DC18V Adapter