BMT (BM1362) Personalized Urinal Cake Kit (Gift Box)
BMT (BM1362) Personalized Urinal Cake Kit (Gift Box)
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Did you lose a bet because your favorite team choked in the finals? Having trouble with some newly installed software? Do you have to deal with a back-stabbing co-worker? Are you working for an unappreciative, demanding boss? Don't get pissed - turn them into Pee-Ons!

You decide who gets the Pee-On treatment with this customizable Urinal screen kit. It's easy to make and it's great fun for the office! While the boss is sitting in his personal bathroom, he'll never know the rest of the employees are taking a leak across his forehead. Is it someone's birthday? Nothing says "You're Another Year Older" like a Golden Shower from your fellow coworkers.

Each kit includes: A Urinal Cake, Plastic Cover, Cake Holder, Clear Plastic Window, Circle Template, A Latex Glove