KJB (SC1076) Tissue Box Style SleuthGear™ Recluse

KJB (SC1076) Tissue Box Style SleuthGear™ RecluseKJB (SC1076) Tissue Box Style SleuthGear™ RecluseKJB (SC1076) Tissue Box Style SleuthGear™ Recluse
KJB (SC1076) Tissue Box Style SleuthGear™ Recluse
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It looks like a black tissue box but is it? The Tissue Box SleuthGear Recluse is an all-inclusive recording device in a simple tissue box no pinholes or wires to give it away. The enclosed DVR and camera become invisible as the Tissue box blends into the background.

Inside this ordinary looking tissue box is actually a motion activated camera, with a recording D1 HI Resolution 720 X480 system using a SD card for Memory, The Tissue Box SleuthGear Recluse can go anywhere and record everything without attracting any attention. Just Set the Tissue box in your desired location and begin recording.

The Tissue Box Style Recluse has a built-in CCD color by day and black and white by night camera that has a low .006 lux rating with a 92 view and a rechargeable Li-polymer battery that will power the device for approx 6 hours of continuous recording. With its easy to operate on screen menu allows you to set up instantly your desired setting i.e. time and date stamp, schedule time to record, motion, and high D1 video resolution

Product Specifications:
  • Ideal for covert surveillance, no more pin-holes
  • “Frame-integration-technology” camera ideal for night vision (no more IR illuminator needed)
  • Hi-resolution recording up to D1 (720x480)
  • Long-lasting rechargeable battery for 6 hrs above continuous recording
  • Recording frame rate adjustable
  • Record and playback max 30fps(NTSC)
  • Time/Date stamp on actual video recorded
  • Schedule for recording
  • Motion detection sensitivity and 150 grids for user’s
  • Application in menu
  • Recording frame rate selectable
  • Support SD card capacity up to 16GB
  • Playback function with composite A/V out
Product Includes:
  • Main unit
  • Remote control
  • 2 Li-polymer battery
  • Battery charger
  • Power supply
  • 2GB SD card
  • SD card reader
  • User manual