Sonitek (SN-IPOD555) Universal Mobile/Home Cassette Adaptor
Sonitek (SN-IPOD555) Universal Mobile/Home Cassette Adaptor
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Sonitek Universal Auto & Home Cassette Adapter Fits Front and Side loading Cassette Players Sends iPod Or Portable Music Signals To Cassette And through Any Music System With 3.5mm Mini Jack Connectivity Reduces Noise By Automatically Maintaining the Correct Tension With The Cassette Deck Works With Home Or Car Stereo Systems Mp3, Compact Disc, Ready Blister Bubble Packaging Directions:Adjust The Volume Of Your Car Stereo To The Minimum Level Connect Cassette Adapter To Your iPod ,MP3,Or DVD Insert Cassette Adapter Into Your Car Or Home Stereo Adjust The Audio Level Of The iPod ,MP3,Or DVD As Needed Adjust Your Car Or Home Stereo To The Desired Volume Level Remove The Cassette Adapter When Not In Use.

Product Features:
  • Great for Ipod Playback into Mobile Audio
  • High Quality Cassette Adaptor
  • 1 pc Blister Pack