American Bass (XD-1044) 10" 900 Watts Subwoofer
American Bass (XD1044) 10" 900 Watts Subwoofer
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Product Features:
  • Ultra Thick Chrome-Plated Deep Bottom Basket.
  • NT Multilayer Foam Surround for Better Stable Linear Exclusion.
  • Stiff and Rigid Jet-Black Graphite IMPP Cone.
  • Inverted Dust Cap further increases Cone's resistance to flex under Pressure
  • Dual Mirror-Image Spiders
  • Blackened Motor Parts for Superior Heat Dissipation & Long Life
  • Ultra-Length Voice Coils for High excursion without Distortion.
  • Hyper extended Pole Piece Increases Accuracy, raises Induction.
  • Special Cooling Vents of Deep Bumped Back Plate to Increase Power Handling.
  • Uni-Rubber Gasket for Airtight Seal in Mounting.
  • Rubber Magnet Boot Protects Magnet.
  • Dual Voice Coil 4 OHM